Company introduction
C&D International Investment Group Limited

C&D International Investment Group Limited (C&D International Group, HKEX stock code: HK.01908) is the subsidiary of C&D Real Estate Corporation Limited ("C&D Real Estate").

C&D International Group is striving to become an "integrated services provider for real estate development and real estate industry chain investment", which is principally engaged in property development, real estate industry chain services and investment in emerging industries. With real estate development as its core business, the Company has real estate development projects in many important cities across several provinces in mainland China. Meanwhile, the Company is actively expanding business boundaries along the upstream and downstream of the real estate industry chain, covering light-asset businesses including project operation and management (entrusted construction), property management, commercial asset management etc. In addition, the Company actively seek opportunities for investment in emerging industries of healthcare, eldercare.

C&D International Group will, relying on the parent company's rich resources and well-recognized brand, introduce advanced management concepts and excellent corporate culture, and fully utilize the advantages of Hong Kong's capital platform, so as to step into a new stage of leaping development.

Business Segments
Concentrating deeply on cities with growth potentials across Central China, Eastern China, Southern China, Fujian Province etc.
Covering property management, project operation and management services (entrusted construction), commercial asset management, e-finance etc.
Seeking opportunities for other emerging industries such as eldercare, healthcare industry etc.
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