Group Show @ Gallery38

Gallery 38 started a tradition of a open gallery during the inception of the space, March of 2015, to give appreciation and thanks to the artists that have always supported them throughout the years. They wanted to continue this tradition by opening the #gallery again with new works,#live #painting, #music and excitement that has become a staple in our #WestAdamshome.
Featuring works by @CornbreadtheLegend@Moncho1929 @Madmanart@LucasRaynaud @StartVault @SeyxYes@Pascothegreat @Pictoform@Oogum_vision @ThatSoDope @TroySpino@culturesclothing @Shlome_j_art@TheArtistMarie @MAXX henry-FRAZiER (@thecreativehustle) @ThisIsAddictive@TslilTsemet